WordPress user names & logins

WordPress has a bunch of confusing terms that apply to user names and logins. Here’s a chart to help you remember which are which.

You’re welcome 🙂

UI label Table Column or meta-key Note
Username wp_users user_login What would typically be called a “user ID” in plain English.
First Name wp_usermeta first_name
Last Name wp_usermeta last_name
Nickname wp_usermeta nickname Very similar to a “handle” in various chat programs. It’s preferred to display this field instead of user_login if you need something other than a user’s true name to identify someone.
Display name publicly as wp_users display_name
wp_users user_nicename The user_login converted to a valid “slug” for use in a URL.

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  1. OK, I was able to retrieve the content from Google’s cache. Don’t know where the original disappeared to, but here’s the goods…

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